MyRatesMagic® Product Features

Revenue management for hotels made easy!

Create, Design, Calculate and Analyse. It takes minutes to create a hotel rate plan and seconds to get the results.

Tedious, frustrating, time-consuming and annoying, these are the words often used to describe the process of manual hotel rate plan calculation. A critical part of revenue management for hotels.


…not having to worry about things like spreadsheet calculation errors, complicated comparison spreadsheets, recalculation errors, spot checking errors, incorrect formulas, broken links, incorrect logic, missing variables, complex nested formulas, security issues, scalability problems, document versions, and most importantly the time-consuming process of manual hotel rate plan calculation.

Well, with the MyRatesMagic® system in control, you don’t have to imagine anymore.

The MyRatesMagic® system magically generates per room occupancy pricing the way you want them.

The system is 100% accessibility, anytime and anywhere.


MyRatesMagic® System – Product Features

Super charging revenue management for hotels.

MyRatesMagic® is a software as a service including 5 powerful hotel revenue management modules.
It allows you to Create, Design, Calculate, generate revenue management loading reports and run comprehensive scenarios in seconds.


revenue management for hotels“Making Hotel rate plan creation, simple!”

The MyRatesMagic® Rate Plan Creator is a fast, easy to use solution to create and manage your hotel rate plans in the cloud.

Disorganised hotel rate plans can cause frustration, confusion to revenue management for hotels.

revenue management for hotels
Rate Plan Creator Screen Shot – Demo Hotel

MyRatesMagic® Rate Plan Creator streamlines revenue management for hotels and guarantees a full audit trail.

Start optimising your hotel rate plan management with MyRatesMagic®.


  1. Manage ANY hotel rate plans.
  2. Save time, by editing or copying existing hotel rate plans.
  3. Archive hotel rate plans and never lose a thing.
  4. Built-in hotel action logging.

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revenue management for hotels

“Offering a superior hotel rate plan design experience.”

The MyRatesMagic® Rate Plan Designer is a smart module that allows you to quickly and easily manage essential hotel rate plan elements.

Consisting of 8 smart applications, Rate Plan Designer gives you precision control over design elements such as Room Types, Occupancies, Occupancy Overrides, Periods, Room Type Supplements, Meals, Extra Adult & Child Supplements, Special Meal Supplements, Special Offers & Commission, Tax Data and much more. Also includes mark-up for NET & BAR Hotel Rates.

MyRatesMagic® Rate Plan Designer
MyRatesMagic® Rate Plan Designer

Hotel Rate Plan Design, forms an integral part of revenue management for hotels and is often very challenging. The devil is always in the detail. The MyRatesMagic® Rate Plan Designer gives you the power to face this challenge head-on and get outstanding results every time.

Every aspect of the Rate Plan Designer has been maticilously built to handle subtle rate changes with precision. As a result it guarantees to substancially increase your hotel revenue management productivity.

Take your revenue management for hotels to new heights.


  1. Remarkable back-office time savings.
  2. Changes applied fast, accurately & hassle-free.
  3. Precision control over your hotel rate plans.
  4. Includes all standard meal types.
  5. ‘Accommodation Only’, ‘Bed & Breakfast’, ‘Half Board’, ‘All Inclusive’, ‘Ultra All Inclusive’ on a single rate plan.
  6. Supports multiple price profiles on a single rate plan. For example, per room, per unit or per unit with supplements.
  7. Fast and easy access through tabbed design.
    Tried and tested rate plan design methodology built-in.
  8. Control any design element to achieve almost any hotel rate plan your heart desires.
  9. Fast and flexible quick edit controls.
  10. % and fixed value supplement support.

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Icon for Hotel rate plan calculation engine.

“Soothing hotel rate calculation and recalculation headaches!”

MyRatesMagic® Calculation Engine is a fast and accurate solution to calculate hotel rates for any hotel rate plan.

It works hand in hand with the Hotel Rate Plan Designer. Quickly combining and calculating hotel rate plan data on demand into distributable per room occupancy pricing.

Screen shot of MyRatesMagic® Calculation Engine
Screen shot of MyRatesMagic® Calculation Engine

With proven calculation techniques included by design, as well as a lot of nice to haves, MyRatesMagic® Calculation Engine is revolutioning revenue management for hotels.


  1. Data accuracy & Integrity.
  2. Fast calculations – 20 seconds for results.
  3. Combines hundreds of variable criteria for precision rate production control.
  4. Works hand-in-hand with Rate Plan Designer, Reporting & Scenario Planning.
  5. Intelligently combines & calculates per occupancy rates for any rate plan.
  6. Significantly boosts rate management efficiency.

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revenue management for hotels

“A loading & auditing method that works!.”

The MyRatesMagic® Loading Reports intelligently receive data from the Hotel Rate Plan Designer and Calculation Engine. At the click of a button, it produces a concise per occupancy loading report.

Pain and frustration are felt across the spectrum of revenue management for hotels when trying to finalise rate plan loading reports.

screenshot from Loading Report, side by side meal plans.

Moreover, it can be so painful that many managers are reluctant to revisit it. With accuracy and speed guaranteed, you can now visit it as many times as you like.

Also, loading reports are fantastic, accurate references for spot checking. They remove the need for error-prone manual spot checking methods and ensure you cover all the bases.

MyRatesMagic® Loading Reports provide you with the right data when you need it.


  1. Fast report generation in common formats (HTML, PDF & Excel).
  2. Eliminates time-consuming manual report generation.
  3. Full integration with Rate Plan Designer & Calculation Engine.
  4. Clean view of calculated per occupancy pricing for ANY rate plan.
  5. List & Pivot View loading reports included.

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revenue management for hotels

“Considering the bigger picture and making smarter distribution decisions guaranteed.”

MyRatesMagic® Scenario Planning is a fast way of comparing and analysing multiple hotel rate plans. Removing the need for advanced spreadsheet skills, giving you access to rate plan data insights whenever and wherever you need it. Gone are the days of complicated, time-consuming, problematic comparison solutions.

MyRatesMagic® Scenario Planning
Screen shot of MyRatesMagic® Scenario Planning

Scenario Planning works hand in hand with the Period Plan Designer & Calculation Engine to compare hotel rates, multiple special offers and commission across hotel rate plans. Furthermore, it offers precision control over criteria selection that can apply on the fly.

MyRatesMagic® Scenario Planning brings your hotel rate plan data to life and delivers simple insights effectively.

It genuinely steps-up your revenue management for hotels.


  1. Select multiple Hotel Rate plans.
  2. Select specific date ranges.
  3. Drill down into 1 or many guest combinations.
  4. Drill into specific meal types.
  5. Customisable onscreen pivot table.
  6. Expand and Collapse Data on screen.
  7. Real time data from Rate Plan Designer & Calculation Engine.
  8. Criteria changes applied on the fly.
  9. Assess the impact of special offers prior to distribution.
  10. Export report data into spreadsheet format.

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20 Reasons to start using MyRatesMagic® today.

  • Avoid rate calculation error risk.
  • Data Accuracy.
  • Calculations performed in seconds.
  • Efficiently manage multiple rate plans.
  • Easily scale hotel rate plans from simple to complex.
  • Store as many versions as you like.
  • Avoid spreadsheet rows and columns issue with Smart elements.
  • No more spreadsheet corruption risk.
  • Full database management (referential data integrity & accessibility).
  • Completely accessible from anywhere, anytime on any device.

  • Rate plan occupancy combination calculations performed in seconds.
  • No more complicated interlinked spreadsheets.
  • Avoid manual hotel rate plan calculation.
  • More time is available for spot checking.
  • Loading Reports on demand.
  • Supercharges hotel rate loading process.
  • Run ‘What if’ Scenario Planning.
  • Hotel rate plans infinitely variable.
  • Keep track of selling prices with different stacked offers.
  • Evaluate hotel offers before distribution.

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