Key Booking engine selection criteria

The hotel booking engine is the primary source of direct reservations for any property. Extra care and attention should be assigned to its selection and implementation! The hotel’s booking engine is normally located as part of, or linked from ‘’ (The official hotel website).

Here are some important ingredients when evaluating booking engine providers:

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Importance of Your Hotel Website

A travel website behavior study conducted in 2017 by ‘Fuel and’ said, your hotel website is THE most influential factor for potential guests. The survey was compiled from more than 2,300 respondents, all of whom planned and consumed at least one leisure trip in the past 12 months.

Here are the Top 6 most influential sources:

  1. Hotel website – Direct visit to your ‘’.
  2. Word of Mouth – Personal recommendations.
  3. Online Travel Sites, such as Expedia, Orbitz, Priceline,
  4. Search engine – Google, Bing, Yahoo, country specific search engines.
  5. Review sites – TripAdvisor, HolidayCheck, TopHotels, Yelp etc.
  6. Metasearch sites, Trivago, Kayak etc.

60% of Online Travel Agent (OTA) bookers will visit your website before booking through an OTA. (Triptease 2016). Direct bookers deliver 9% – 18% more NET Revenue per Available Room (NET RevPAR), according to Kalibri Labs (2016). Continue reading →

Top 10 Request for Proposal Steps

When it comes to technology company partner selection for hotel technology projects, requirements planning is crucial! The real key to success is taking the time to define and understand your own unique requirements and documenting them properly!

Spending the time at this point will save you and any technology company considerable time and energy. Even if a partner company is not successful, your effort will be appreciated and they will be more likely to participate in future project bidding processes. Continue reading →